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Books To Bring You and Your Children Closer to God

Inspiring Christian Literature By Naomi Allen

Naomi Allen is proud to present her collection of inspirational Christian books. Through D&L Bookshelf of Inspiration in Decatur, Georgia, Naomi offers a selection of inspirational stories, poetry, and educational children's literature. Her works are perfect for everything from personal time at home to exciting Sunday school reading. Her beautiful stories are even priced affordably between $7.00 and $12.00.

The Betrayal, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Naomi specializes primarily in Biblical poetry. Learn how she retells all of the most important portions of the Bible in stunning, rhythmic verse.

Biblical Poems
The Lamb Learns His Lessons Book

Start your child's learning right with Naomi's Biblical parables. Her work is designed to educate children while simultaneously keeping them near Christ.

Children's Books

Email Naomi directly or visit Lulu.com to order inspirational Christian literature today.

About the Author

Naomi has been a Christian most of her life and has had many spiritual experiences. In the body of Christ, God gives diversity of gifts to get His Word out and she has been given one of these gifts to share the message in poetry. She gets caught up into the spirit of the story she is writing and it becomes a joy to her to do it. Having received inspiration during a Sunday sermon and going through testing and trials at the same time, she started to put words to paper which helped her get through those rough patches. Her work is designed to inspire her readers and encourage children to learn, all while remaining connected to the Lord.


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